Having a broken phone sucks! Luckily, you’ve got some options.

  1. Within 1 year of purchasing, the manufacturer warranty cover any issues unrelated to
    physical damage.
  2. No Warranty? No Problem! Trade in your broken device for a new device:
    • Broken screens
    • Broken charging port
    • Replacing internal batteries
    • Buttons not working
    • Camera issues
      We trade in phones with damage from all carriers. Visit any of our locations for an estimated trade value.


When a phone is purchased, it is restricted to only work with the original carrier that is was initially connected with. Fortunately, we offer unlocking services that enables any device to work with any carrier. Our unlocking fee is $50 and it’s guaranteed to work.

*iPhones must be unlocked by their original carriers.


Visit to see how much your current device is worth towards the purchase of a new one. Then, visit your nearest Nickel Communications location to upgrade your device.